I am very greatful to have spoken and met a variety of awesome individuals through presenting or being a guest on podcasts. Below are a few of my presentations and podcasts with links to slides and notes.

Milwaukee JS Meetup

August 7th, 2019

Attached are the slides and sample code from my presentation to the MKE JS meetup group on 8/27/2019. Slides GitHub Code Samples https://github.com/521dimensions/mke-js-contact-manager This is a much larger app I built awhile ago that I’m going to be refreshing soon, but it’s all VueJS and API Driven:https://github.com/serversideup/roastandbrew Resources A few other helpful resources that people […]

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Views on Vue Episode 12

May 23rd, 2018

Wonderful discussion about VueJS on the Views on Vue Podcast. We dive into some of the awesome features of Vue and how to re-use components and mixins. https://devchat.tv/views-on-vue/vov-012-re-using-vuejs-mixins-and-filtering-google-map-data-with-dan-pastori/

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